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“Don’t wait this two totally changed my life! Now I am happy with myself, my body and proud of all my achievements!”


“If you are looking to change your life, I am telling you, you have come to the right place. The support, the motivation and the energy you receive by this awesome team is indescribable. They genuinely care about you and guide you through the entire process! Trust them and you will discover a new you and accomplish things you never thought you could.”


“Roy is a terrific fitness instructor. It is very obvious that he loves what he does and it shows through his training I have taken both his group fitness classes and worked with him One on One and he truly had an impact in my life. He is motivating and energetic. His training is invigorating and challenging. Give the willpower team a try you won’t be disappointed!”





$900.00 /12 PT SESSIONS

Willpower Lifts Training program is not only weight training or physical activity, it is implementing the right mindset to get your body where it needs to be. To help you become powerful, mentally and physically. We assess you in order to design the perfect training program tailored to your goals and needs. We then genuinely check up on you by text, or e-mail to make sure you stay on track. We keep you accountable and help you adhere to your training program. We represent our work every step of the way and our work is to successfully help you achieve your goals!




Our goal is helping you get the body you always wanted! You will reach faster results as we designed a customized workout plan just for you. We will assess you and depending on your fitness level, you will train 12-25 times a month either at home or the gym. Having access to our app where your trainer will help you set goals, track your progress, communicate with you in real time & answer any questions you may have about nutrition or lifestyle. We also provide personalized meal programs to speed up the process even more!




Having a day to pause will help build your muscles and lose more weight. Muscles and metabolism go hand in hand for weight loss as more muscles equals a higher metabolism. A higher metabolism means you will be burning fat, even when you are sitting down! A sports massage will help your body recover faster, preventing injuries, reducing soreness, pain, increase relaxation & focus. Your performance  will be at its best as your body will become more flexible & powerful.

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