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Updated: Jun 10, 2023



Set yourself up for success! Our Free 12 Week Body Transformation Training Program is just that, a solid successful exercise plan to go along with your weight loss goal or any fitness goal. You already created your goal so, now we have to make sure is bullet proof!

You have your goal written, you chose your days of the week and the time you will do your workouts but what if your friends invite you out at the same time you have to workout, what if your spouse needs you or what if your boss calls you in to work. What do you do? You need a plan B if you are working out 3 or 4x a week you have 3 or 4 other days where you can make up the workouts you missed. You want to make sure the days you chose to workout are your easiest, less busy days, that you know you will be able to get these workouts done. Also you MUST have your "make up workout days" marked in your calendar so you specifically already know when you can make up the workout. If you leave it to chance or on the fly, trust me you won't make them up. You MUST have everything written, planned out on paper, phone, wherever it is you use for your calendar/to-do list.


Another thing you should look into is are your workouts at a convenient time for you? Maybe you should do them before work because you will have the most energy or maybe you will do them right after work. Instead of going home after work you will go straight to the gym or you will do your workout right after work but at home. You want to minimize any possibility that will allow you to skip your workouts. Maybe doing them at home is not a good idea because once you get home you will get too comfortable. I know it is a lot to think about but once you have a strong foundation in your plan, no one will stop you from achieving your goal. I have so many people joining my 12 Week Body Transformation Training Program, individuals who are not organized, that did not enjoy working out who now feel guilty when they miss their workouts. Is a mindset change and it takes a bit of time but with patience and the right coaching, the change will happen.

Change your mind, change your body! For this to work you have to set yourself up for success. See from my experience as a personal trainer people set the bar too high when they first start. They do too much, they overwhelm themselves with too much exercise, cardio, lifting days, recovery day, insane diets etc. Yes they are motivated, pumped and eager to go kick ass but when all that motivation wears off you are left with consistency and if you don't have it then you stop, you don't continue going after your goal, it seems like it is too much and nearly impossible. Which you are right you are doing way too much and that is a drastic change. Your brain will pretty much tell you "hmm what the hell are you doing, this is not us let's just stop this nonsense." So, I prepare you for that, to avoid doing too much. I build you up. At first might seem like eh its too easy but thats the point to make you believe you can do it. To guide you in the right direction and make sure you are on the right path to your fitness journey.

For your fitness plan to be successful you also need a solid diet plan. This will be covered more in detail in another post but for starters we will stick to the basics. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR DIET at first. See, we are changing your habits and in all my years of experience NOT ONE of my clients has successfully stayed on track with their diet plan. That is because they do a 180 and want to drastically change the way they eat. Which is totally fine, but that's not how the brain works. Your brain wants comfort, not stress. So when the change is too big the brain looks for ways to get you back to comfort and that's not your fault that's just how we are programmed.

So for now just stick to portion control see how much you are eating & if you think you are eating too much of something just have a little less. I am NOT telling you to starve yourself. Just better choices, eat what you like but again avoid junk as you should know. We will get into details about diet later on in your program if you don't see changes after 4 weeks.

Now go back to the goal you created & see what you can tweak around now that you have a better idea of what to do. This post is so you can rethink what you planned in a better way. How to make this goal more achievable. You can contact me to discuss your goal or if you need you need advice. Even if you are not my client, message me and I will help you. That's why I am here, this is why I do what I love. To help others! If you have any questions don't hesitate to e-mail me.

On the next step I share a few accountability strategies that will help you stay on course with your fitness goal.

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