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How to lose weight, and keep it off during the pandemic?

Updated: May 12, 2020

The million dollar question and we have answers! On this blog series I interviewed one of my most inspiring client. I wanted ya'll to hear it from some one other than me, someone you can relate to. She is 42, has two beautiful daughters 9 & 6 so, you know there is a lot of work there. Owns a hair salon, which she manages and means she works over 10 hours a day. She does not have a babysitter but some way, some how she finds a way to workout. How does she do it!?! Well, allow me to introduce Grace!

What is your secret to stay fit with such busy life?

"Scheduling! I schedule everything. There is no secret is a matter of priorities, consistency and team work. See, all moms are extremely busy, they all have an enormous to-do list which we never get to finish. So, it comes down to planning. When you hear a mom or any person in general say they don't have time. It is probably true but it might have to do with poor planning."

What do you mean team work?

"We all deserve our "me time" and my workout time is my "me time". I plan accordingly to my day. The night before I sit down and write down what I will do throughout the day. I literally jot down time frames of what I will do during certain hours. Obviously not always things stay on track and run smoothly but having a plan makes your day so much better and productive. I do a lot, everyone does is life but I also deserve some time for myself, right. Chores, homeworks, work etc has to be done but in our home we divide things. My partner knows I want to workout, he also likes to workout but we can't workout together because someone has to watch the kids. So, we schedule it. For example he knows the day before I will workout at 8:00PM or what ever time we figure out together and he will be 100% trying to keep the girls from interrupting my workout during that time. Same goes for when he wants to workout. Not only do we do that but the girls are a bit older now so they understand that this is mommy's time and they try not to interrupt (but that really never works lol). The idea here is that things are discussed and everyone knows what is going on. It is very important to communicate with your partner/family. Is not being selfish, it is finding time to do what you want. If people communicated better and spoke to their partners they will get the help they need or figure it out together."

Can you explain how do you prioritize?

"Okay, when you are making your to-do list you have to make sure that you don't overwhelm yourself with too much work. Some things take longer than others to be done. If you have a family and have kids you want to make sure you include to have some time for your family. So, when you make the to-do list you start it from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep. You have to set up things by the hour. You need to schedule everything, including your workouts. You cannot just wing your day because you will never get to finish anything. You have to remember that you will not be able to finish everything you have to do but you can plan what you will do on your day and finish those tasks. Do not load your to-do list with a million things. Check your time frame of when you wake up to when you go to bed and start filling those hours up with tasks including breaks to relax even if its just 10 or 15 minutes multiple times during the day. Make a list and choose the most important things you need to get done but remember to always, always include your workouts in that list. Also, when you are planning remember that some things might take more than 2, 3 or 4 hours to complete so be smart and plan accordingly to your day. If your list has 10, or 20 things to be done. Choose 5 or 7 things to do that day but always do what's most important first but always remember that your "me time" has to be in that list. What ever doesn't fit you will do that the next day and a word of advice, your list will never end because things will continue to pop up and we will just have to add more to the list. That's okay, that's life! Plans change and if you miss a workout take it as your rest day, don't beat yourself up and feel guilty. Just make sure you make it up within that week, that's it.

How do you stay consistent with your workouts?

"Comes down to planning and having a good support team. It cannot happen without the other. Let your family and friends know that it is important to you to get your workouts in and how much it means to you because the day they invite you somewhere but it falls within the time frame that you workout, they can help you figure something out to make that workout happen. If they respect you, they will respect your time as well. Communication is key and having a partner that understands that and is willing to help makes things a bit less overwhelming. Also if you have a personal trainer he will keep you on track and help you figure things out and guide you through your weight loss journey. Some times you only have 20 or 30 minutes for a workout and your trainer can give you a workout that will benefit you most because he/she knows you, they know your weaknesses, your strengths and you will have better and faster results than to just go online and choose some workout video that's a template and not specifically for your needs. During this pandemic my world was flipped up side down, I think for everyone but my trainer really helped me figure things out. Is great to have someone give you a non-biased opinion and give you a reality check when you need one. I was very lucky that you helped me figure out how to get my workouts done from home with your training app and annoying me until I got them done, such a pain in the a$$(lol) but on a serious note on those crazy busy days those short workouts in your training app really came through and I felt I got the most out of my workouts.

What is one thing you would advice someone with a busy schedule?

"Sit down, think about your day and your daily routines and MAKE the time to get your workouts in. If you really want it you WILL make the time for it. If you don't have the time to make it to the gym once this pandemic is over you can always workout from home and get even better results than going to the gym and spending 2 hours doing every single machine. Get yourself a trainer, or an online trainer and let them guide you with a workout program that it is customized to your body, your needs and your goals!"

Roy's advice:

"Patience, be patient and be calm. Things are very difficult right now for everyone someway or another and the best thing is to look ahead to what's to come. Be hopeful of the future, excited and motivated to do things differently. We are all getting a second chance to life and let's make it count!"

If you are interested in Online Personal Training send me a message in my contact form or click into my SERVICES PAGE where I could help you figure out a way to stay on track with your workout and begin your weight loss journey!

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