My Story, My “why”

interviewPIcEvery fitness journey begins with a story. Everyone has a “why” but not everyone knows it. You might think you know it but no, its much more complex than that.Wanting to lose or gain muscle weight because you want to look good is not merely enough to be your “why” because when things will get tougher, frustrating and no motivation gets you moving, you’ll need to dig deep inside and find your why and I promise you it will get you moving even on your saddest days.

We all have dreams and ambitions, mine was to become a professional soccer player. To make the story short I got to semi-pro level and due to a car accident things changed my world was flipped upside down. I then turned to fitness, it helped me deal with my demons, heal my body and mind. I was a very lean athlete 140lbs and 5’9”. I was always teased as being skinny and called all sorts of names. After a year of training and learning as much as I could about my body and my limitations due to the accident, which left me with a few torn ligaments and a herniated disk on my thoracic spine I had found ways to work around my injuries. I gained 20 lbs of lean muscle mass by training 3x a week on a personalized program I created for myself and eating accordingly to my caloric expenditure. I was a 160lbs of lean muscle mass with a 10% body fat. I have now patented this exercise program Will.Power.Lift Training which is not only for those who want to gain lean muscle mass but also lose weight and transform their bodies. The program is tailored to your needs. Not only does the program train your body but your mind as well becoming mentally and physically strong. In this program you will fuse mind and physical exercises to strengthen your Will, Power, & Lifts.

The better I became at training myself and dealing with my personal issues due to the accident, one of those being depression. I thought that with fitness making my life better I could help many more people and help them overcome whatever obstacle life threw at them. So, I decided to get certified as a fitness professional by The American Council On exercise. You can check my credentials in the about me page.

I began to train for Reebok Spartan Races quickly becoming an Elite competitor and decided to dedicate all my races to the charity Autism Speaks. Having a little brother with many health issues one of those being severe autism I realized that my little brother was my “why” the moment he almost died in front of my eyes after an epileptic episode and not being able to breathe. I witness helplessly how my father tried to revive him and somehow brought him back to us.  My little brother inspires me to do well and help as many people as possible. I know the struggles of the everyday Joe or a disable person or having a handicap relative. It’s not easy and this is why I have pledge to help those I encounter.

If you want to know more about my little brother and I or my reasons to helping out people just click this link and read my interview by EveryDayHero 

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