My Beginning

My beginning

Hi all!! My name is Annabelle, and my fitness journey began in August 29, 2015. I underwent gastric bypass, and decided to take back control of my life. Not only for myself but for my family. What kind of example was I setting for my son at an unhealthy 370 lbs. Eating garbage and being inactive. A lot of people do not understand how hard it is to feel like you have lost all control. I felt as if food and my weight took over my life. This is why I try to share my journey, struggles and accomplishments with anyone wanting to take control of their lives.
Weight loss starts with wanting to change for yourself above all. It is wanting to take control of your life. The mind is our strongest muscle. I had to get myself in the correct mind-set; "exercise" my brain to give the rest of my body the will to want to change. I needed my mind to realize this was not only something I had to do for my health but something I was able to do and  kick ass at it. Your fitness journey does not only include your external change but your internal as well. You have to believe in yourself and realize you are your biggest critic but most importantly, YOU ARE YOUR BIGGEST MOTIVATOR.
I was blessed to have been able to start my fitness journey with an amazing support system. You need to be able to have people around you that would not only push you but to encourage you to get back on track if you fall off. You will struggle but just remember to take yourself back to your "why" and you will get back on track. The whole point is to get back at it and realize that your making a lifestyle change, it is not a "diet". Dieting is too temporary, we are striving for a permanent change.Always strive to become the best,healthier, fit, and happier you.

Please stay tune for my new goal and my journey.

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