Fat Burning Chest, Triceps & Leg Workout!!!

Fat burning chest, tricep & leg workout!

Fat burning chest, tricep & leg workout!

This routine will help you shred fat and build strength while also building a strong cardio game! So, this is how you should execute the routine:

Push-ups (3x8-18) + Jumping Jacks (20 - 45 seconds) right after

3 sets of either 8 or 18 reps depending on your fitness level

Incline Push-Ups + High Knees

Dumbbell Chest Press +Incline Mountain Climber

Dumbbell Pull-Over + Single Arm Tricep Extension+ Bench Hops

Jumping Squats + Tricep Extension 

Seated Dips + Back Lunge


*Make sure you stretch after every workout/Foam Roll

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