Mind & Body

We are true believers that your thoughts and self belief controls who you are and what you decide. We provide you with a combination of mental exercises that go hand to hand with physical training to shape you into stronger individuals. WPL Training is not only weight training or physical activity it is implementing the right mindset to get your body where it needs to be. To help you become powerful, mentally and physically!

Meal Programs

Healthy eating is only boring if you make it boring, we make sure we have the best team to make sure that doesn’t happen. Our Recipe Master Mind Grace is most certainly on top of that, we also have the best register dietitians working hard to make sure your meal programs are precisely tailored to your goals and needs.

Online Coaching

We are with you every step of the way. We are a team and we take care of our own. Not only do we train you personally but support you even when we are not with you. With every training package we provide online coaching, we genuinely check up on you by text, email etc. We are on top of you and make sure you are on track. We keep you accountable and make sure you adhere to your program. We represent our work and our work is to be successful and your goals are ours therefore if you fail we fail and that’s not an option!


12 Sessions

1 on 1


8 sessions

1 on 1


4 sessions

1 on 1



12 Sessions

2 on 1


per person

8 Sessions

2 on 1


Per Person

In-Home Personal Training

12 Training Sessions


6 Training Sessions